Combing the 5.2 Defense with the Multiple 3.4 Defense

Combining the 5.2 as it transitions into the 3.4 features 233 pages and is designed as an information tool for you as a coach to build upon with your own ideas and thoughts. Transitioning the 5-2 into the 3-4 defense allows you the ability to either rush 3, 4, or 5 down defenders, the 3 – 4 defense is an off shoot of the 5 – 2 defensive concepts. This manual includes terminology, techniques, front illustrations, coverage diagrams and pressure packages. The 3 – 4 Defense is based around the ability to rush 3 down defenders and drop 8 coverage players into pass zones and the 5-2 Defense plays with 5 defensive lineman and drops 6 defenders into pass coverages. When the wide-open offenses came into their own such as West Coast, Run and Shoot, RPO’s and Air Raid, you really started to see defenses start to adjust their fronts to accommodate spread formation offenses.