Ebook How To Install an Option Attack Using Multiple Formations

“How To Install an Option Attack Using Multiple Formations” gives you a complete step by step installation of multiple option schemes from under center, pistol and gun formations which is supported by a complete passing game. My book provides a complete explanation on how to install your blocking schemes with terminology and much more. The option game limits coverage’s and whole sell blitzing because, of the option responsibilities of your opponent’s defenders. Responsibility football usually will slow a defense down because of the assigned responsibilities for defending the inside dive, quarterback keep, and the pitch. This manual gives you many ways to switch out of plays based upon rules and alignments by the different defensive schemes that you may face. This manual gives you all the “option on me” rules to keep your offense in best play as well as an in-depth passing game from play action, drop back, and sprint out schemes. This manual is 262 pages and is a 2nd addition June 2019