Derek Bowens #9 Wade Hampton High School, Greenville SC

Good morning Coaches,
I have a young man who happens to be my nephew, he came to live with me last year because of some academic problems at a previous school and my brother-in-law and sister felt like he needed a change of enviroment. She also new that I’m very serious about academics and I would be working at the high school he would be attending as a staff member so I could give him the supervision and discipline he would need to be successful and it worked out for him academically, he was a straight honor roll student the whole time he was with me. We also have a pretty big football program at the high school so I talked with the head coach and he also excel on the field too, the problem was he came after football season his sophmore year and he only was able to run track and did very well because he is also track guy. The problem came in after all the work outs were over, the summer 7on 7off season, and it was time for the first game of his junior season. My nephew was the fastest player on the team, he also earned a position in the starting rotation with some talented receivers and defensive backs. The coach submitted the final roster to the high school league in SC and it came back that my nephew was a transfer student because of his track accolades as a freshmen and sophmore at his previous high school and also the school zone I lived in. We have 2 high schools in my county and I live in the other school zone, but since I was a employee of the district he was allowed to attend the high school I worked at,but he had to set out a year to play varsity sports. I did not know that and the coach felt like he was eligible because he had been at the school half the year but the league said no. So the first game of the season he was ruled ineligible and couldn’t even travel with the team after all that hardwork, must kids would have give up and quit. He did not he went a head and played sub-varsity in the 11th grade because of all the hardwork which says alot for his character and maturity. he still practice with the varsity to give them a good look during the season on scout team and was respected by the whole  CB/SS/FS/KR/PR/WR ; its more to the story but take a look he deserves a 4 year scholarship please help he is a diamond in the ruff just didn’t get the look he deserved his senior year. He ended up moving back to home, but maintains that 3.8 gpa. 

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